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2.3. Casting a Ballot

To cast a ballot in an election that you are eligible to vote in:
  1. Go to the Election Information page for the election that you wish to vote in (refer to Section 2.1, “Election Information”)
  2. Click on Vote Now! underneath the list of candidates
  3. Availability of Extra Information

    When extra information such as nomination information or policy statements is available for a candidate, a [more] link will appear next to their name. It is recommended to read this information before casting a vote.
    Select a score for each candidate from the drop-down menu appropriate to your level to preference. Information on range voting is available in Section 1.1, “Concepts of Range Voting”.
  4. Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the ballot.
  5. Remember to Verify Your Ballot

    At this stage your vote is not officially entered into the election database, you must check and confirm your ballot first.
    Verify that information shown on the ballot is correct, and click on Confirm otherwise click Go Back to alter your ballot.
  6. Once your ballot is cast, you will be redirected to the Elections application welcome page with a confirmation message.