Configuring Ekiga for Fedora Talk

  1. Open Ekiga and cancel the setup wizard or druid if one appears. The following screen appears.

    Ekiga main screen

  2. On the Ekiga menu, select Edit → Accounts.

    Ekiga accounts window

  3. Fill in the details as shown below:

    Ekiga edit accounts screen

    • Name: Fill in a name for this account, such as "Fedora Talk."
    • Registrar:
    • User: Your Fedora Account System username
    • Authentication User: leave this empty
    • Password: The password you set in the VoIP section in FAS (note this is not the same as your FAS password)
    • Timeout: Use the default, or 900
    • Enable account: Check this box to immediately register
  4. Select "OK" to return to the account screen. You can verify your settings by checking the status in the "Status" column.

    Ekiga completed accounts window

You are done configuring your Ekiga client.

Test and verify your settings