Configuring Empathy for Fedora Talk

Empathy's SIP support currently does not work. The cause of the issue has been found, and a fix will come soon.

  1. Install the "empathy" package using PackageKit. From the main menu, select System → Administration → Add/Remove Software.

    Selecting PackageKit from the main menu

    Type "empathy" into the "find" box and click find. Then check the box for the "empathy" package and click "Apply."

    Finding Packages using PackageKit

  2. Next, open Empathy. From the main menu, select Applications → Internet → Empathy Instant Messenger.

    Opening Empathy

  3. From the Empathy menu, select Edit → Accounts.

  4. Select "Add" and select SIP account from the list. The following dialog appears:

    Empathy accounts dialog

    In the dialog, fill in the following fields:

    • Username: Your FAS username, followed by ""
    • Password: Your VoIP password (note this is not the same as your FAS password)
    • Enabled: Select this checkbox to immediately enable the acocunt)
  5. Select "Apply" to apply changes, and then select "Close" to close the dialog. Your account is now active and registered.

You are now finished configuring your Empathy client.

Test and verify your settings