Configuring Twinkle for Fedora Talk

Existe un video de demostración útil para configurar Twinkle con Fedora Talk. Puede agregársele más contenido que sea considere útil en el Wiki del proyecto Fedora, incluso por usted.

  1. Install the twinkle package using PackageKit. From the main menu, select System → Administration → Add/Remove Software.

    Selecting PackageKit from the main menu

    Type "twinkle" into the "find" box and click find. Then check the box for the "twinkle" package and click "Apply."

    Finding Twinkle using PackageKit

  2. Select Applications → Internet → Twinkle from the main menu.

  3. Select "Ok" to create a profile.

    Twinkle profile editor

  4. Select "Profile Editor."

    Twinkle profile editor

  5. Give the profile a name, such as "FedoraTalk." Spaces are not allowed.

    Twinkle profile name

  6. Edit the profile details as shown below.

    First, select "User" in the left pane and fill in the following information:

    Twinkle profile name

    • In the "SIP Account" section complete these entries:

      • Your Name (optional): Firstname Lastname
      • User Name: FAS Account name
      • Domain:
    • In the "SIP Authentication" section complete these entries:

      • Realm (optional): LEAVE BLANK
      • Authentication name: FAS Account name
      • Password: VoIP Password (this can be found in your fas account and is NOT your FAS account password)
  7. In the "SIP Server" section complete these entries:

    Twinkle profile name
    • Registrar: (You can leave this blank)
  8. Select "OK" to save these settings in the profile.

  9. To receive a call you must be registered. If you have made the changes above correctly, this happens automatically. If you have trouble, select Edit → User profile... to edit the user profile to correct the settings.

    To verify your registration click on "Registration/Show Registrations."

    Twinkle profile name

You are now finished configuring your Twinkle client.

Test and verify your settings