Fedora Talk Conferencing

Fedora community members are privileged with several VOIP conference rooms. Below is a list of the available conference rooms and their numbers.

Sub-Project Conference Rooms

The following conference bridges are reserved for the following sub-projects. To request a bridge for your sub-project, please create a 'New Ticket' on the fedora infrastructure trac instance.

Sub-project Extension SIP Address (for soft phones)
Infrastructure 2001 infrastructure@fedoraproject.org
FUDCon 2002 fudcon@fedoraproject.org
Marketing 2004 marketing@fedoraproject.org
Fedora Activity Day 2006 fad@fedoraproject.org
Documentation 2008 docs@fedoraproject.org
Ambassadors 2015 ambassadors@fedoraproject.org

General Conference Rooms

The following conference bridges can be used by anyone. If you join a bridge and it is already in use, try another bridge.

Room Name Extension SIP Address (for soft phones)
Conference Room 0 2010 conf0@fedoraproject.org
Conference Room 1 2011 conf1@fedoraproject.org
Conference Room 2 2012 conf2@fedoraproject.org
Conference Room 3 2013 conf3@fedoraproject.org
Conference Room 4 2014 conf4@fedoraproject.org