Häufig gestellte Fragen

Was ist Fedora Talk?

Fedora Talk is a VoIP telephony solution so Fedora contributors can call each other. It uses a free and open source solution called Asterisk.

Wie kann ich Fedora Talk benutzen?

Consult the access page for more information.

Welche Ausrüstung benötige ich?

You need a computer with Internet access, and a headset with headphones and a microphone attached is highly recommended. Without it you will be difficult or impossible to understand. A headset reduces background noise and helps other callers hear you better without any unwanted echo effets. A misconfigured or poorly configured client can make a conference call unpleasant for yourself and others.

Was ist, wenn ich unterwegs bin und nicht die passende Ausrüstung habe?

Using one of Fedora dial in numbers will allow you to use your standard phone or cell phone in order to communicate with others. After connecting to one of these numbers, enter the conference number or extension of the person you would like to reach. This is also a convenient way for non-Fedora users to join conferences. See the main page for the dial in numbers.

What are the established Fedora Conference rooms?

See the conferencing page for the conference rooms and numbers.