Fedora Talk

Welcome to Fedora Talk, the Asterisk-based voice-over-IP system for Fedora contributors. Fedora Talk is an effort to bring Fedora contributors in closer contact when needed for high bandwidth meetings and conversations.

Fedora Talk can be used with one of the many VOIP soft phones that comes with Fedora. Ekiga and Twinkle are popular. It can also be used with most SIP compliant software and hardware phones, or from a land line or mobile phone.

Setting up phone software or hardware

To setup a softphone or IP-based phone hardware, click the link below.

Set up a softphone or IP phone

Dialing in from a land line or mobile

Those on the road, or without access to the proper equipment can use one of our dial in numbers. Pick one near you.

Fedora Talk 如何運作呢?

Fedora Talk is based on Asterisk, the premier free and open source PBX implementation that also provides a complete and scalable set of VoIP features. As free and open source software, Asterisk fits well with the core values of Fedora.

Software is just one aspect of this project. Many volunteers have come together to help configure and test the install. Hosting and bandwidth has been provided by Server Beach. The dial in numbers (DiDs) have been provided by Arrival Telecom. Every aspect of this project has been community and volunteer oriented.