Fedora Beszélő hibaelhárítás

E szakaszt még tervezzük. Jelenleg a legjobb, ha a #fedora-admin csatornát használják az irc.freenode.net helyen.

After attempting each of these solutions, verify your setup using the link provided

Can't connect

Being unable to connect is a common issue. Try the following solutions:

Verify your setup!

Can't hear anything

First ensure that you have your audio configured properly and it isn't muted. Just try to play a song or find some other means to make noise. These issues are typically on the client. To test audio please join:

louie@fedoraproject.org or extension 1001

You should hear a female with the lyrics to Louie Louie. If you do, just hang up.

Verify your setup!

No one can hear me

You should verify that the system is properly receiving audio from the microphone. In GNOME, you can do this by right clicking on the speaker icon in the notification area, going to the input tab, and verifying the input level that you are seeing. If you have multiple microphones, for example a USB headset and an internal microphone, make sure that the raido button is selected on the correct one.

You can also use the echo service, described at this page in order to assure the proper functioning of your hardware and software. You should also check the level of the audio coming back at you through the echo if people complain that you are too loud or too soft.

Getting a microphone configured properly is a bit of an art. Ensure that you can record your own audio using something like audacity. If you'd like to test your mic, just stop by #fedora-admin on irc.freenode.net and we'll be happy to assist.

Verify your setup!

There is an echo on a conference bridge

There are a few common issues that lead to echoing. The most common of which is not using a headset and microphone. Using actual speakers on your laptop or desktop will cause your mic (sometimes embedded in your computer) will pick up the audio again. Unfortunately testing for this yourself is difficult. If you hear someone complaining please mute yourself or drop the call until you can re-configure.

Another common problem that leads to horrible echoing is from your sound system looping back on itself. This issue actually makes the conference unusable. If you join and people start complaining about an echo, please mute yourself or drop the call so those in the meeting can continue.

Do not use a mic that is not on a headset - the reason for this is when you do, your mic will pick up other sounds that are in the same room, for example the sounds of you typing on the keyboard, the sound of your computer fan, etc. This makes the conference unusable for other participants. If someone reports excessive noise, please either mute your line or drop off the conference.

Verify your setup!

I can make calls, but not receive them

This generally indicates that your phone is not registered with the Asterisk server. Note that registration does not affect your ability to make calls, only to receive them. In development is a way to tell whether you are registered, and what that registration consists of, but at current, come to #fedora-admin on irc.freenode.net and we'll be more than happy to help!

One possible cause of this is a setting called 'SIP Registration Timeout' in your client. It is possible that there is some timeout in your firewall that differs from the SIP registration timeout, thereby causing you to lose registration with the Fedora Talk server. A reasonable value is 900 seconds (15 minutes)

Verify your setup!

Ekiga dialpad doesn't work

Try disabling silence detection in your audio configuration. With silence detection enabled, the dialpad may not send tones properly. Furthermore, the ekiga dialpad is prone to sending repeat tones which makes it difficult to enter PINs properly.

Verify your setup!